Synergy through Partnerships

 (In partnership With Invest in Africa)

With Africa being a fast growing investment destination, SMEs are best placed to partner with multinationals and large organizations investing in Africa, to offer last mile support to these investment initiatives. SME Fest 2017 partnership with Invest in Africa ( ) will enable SMEs identify opportunities and sufficiently prepare to partner with investors and multinationals.

Since its inception in 2012, Invests in Africa has worked with a range of multinationals including Tullow Oil, EY, Ecobank, Equity Bank, Guinness Ghana Breweries, UT Bank and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre.

Financing Business Growth

In partnership With Barclays)

The right mix of finance, technical support and supportive ecosystem is key for entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their businesses. SME Fest 2017 have partnered with Barclays, to help entrepreneurs know how to take their idea to the next level, through financing.

Beyond Acumen

(In partnership With Lattice Consulting)

SME Fest 2017 have partnered Lattice Consulting, to empower   entrepreneurs with wholesome view of their enterprises that is key to developing better strategies and business models.

Lattice Consulting, will use their business acumen simulation tools to present financial concepts in a dynamic way, to enable entrepreneurs understand the link between strategy, operations and financial outcomes

Innovate, Create & Lead – 

SME transformational thought leadership session in partnership With Stanford SEED – TBC

The success of every business lies squarely on the shoulders of the entrepreneur .Among other factors of success in entrepreneurship;, an entrepreneurs ability to lead, in good and bad times is vital at every level of growth, in addition to the product you build and the team you hire.

We have partnered with the Stanford Seed Transformation Program in East Africa, to develop the skills, tools, and mindset for entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business, create jobs, and become economic transformation leaders in the region.

The Stanford Seed Transformation Program in East Africa will enable participants enjoy  a world-class curriculum from Stanford Graduate school of Business and the innovative thinking that has helped build  successful companies in Silicon Valley.

Doing Business with Chinese Companies

(In partnership With SACE Foundation)

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented of China Kenya business engagement. From January 2015 to November 2015, China and Kenya bilateral trade reached over 5 billion U.S. dollars, making China Kenya’s largest trading partner. Furthermore, there are more than 400 Chinese companies in Kenya hosting over 20,000 Chinese workers.

This workshop is organized by the Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence (SACE) Foundation. SACE aims to facilitate China-Africa trade and investment through research and social projects, and also offers Sino-Africa business advisory services.


Built for Export 

(In partnership With Export Promotion Council)

The 19 member states Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) with an estimated population of about 390 million and the East African Community, with an estimated population of 160 Million holds a key potential market for local producers and manufacturers.

SME Fest 2017 have partnered with Export Promotion Council, to empower   entrepreneurs present understand the export business and address bottlenecks that face potential exporters and producers of export goods and services.

Increasing SME Productivity & Innovation

Joint World Bank Group & Ministry of Industry Workshop

The World Bank is supporting the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Cooperatives in the design of the Kenya Industry & Entrepreneurship Project, which seeks to address a few of the key bottlenecks constraining the growth of the private sector in Kenya, and particularly that of industry.

One of the objectives or components of the Project will be to increase the productivity of small and medium sized enterprises by providing them with Business Development Services (BDS) i.e. business advice, trainings and technology upgrading.

To inform the design of this component, we are surveying firms to assess their awareness, use and perception of BDS in Kenya. The surveyed firms will be invited to apply for support under the Project, which will be implemented through a two tier mechanism:

  1. 1. Free Diagnostic: Firms surveyed will be provided with a free business diagnostic toolkit, which will provide actionable recommendations and constitute the basis for an ‘upgrading’ project, identifying the areas of the firm in need of improvement.
  2. 2. Upgrading project support (focused on managerial, production and technological upgrading): Based on the recommendations made by the diagnostic, firms will be encouraged to participate in a matching grant scheme to partially finance upgrading managerial, production and technological capabilities- including training, purchase of equipment or improvement of management and production systems. In addition, firms will be matched with relevant BDS providers to support the implementation of the upgrading project.

The workshop will comprise of a presentation of the Project, a brief survey and a focused group discussion. The facilitators include

  • Stephen Odua, Assistant Director at Ministry of Industry, Trade & Co-operative
  • Maria Paulina (Ina) Mogollon, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist at World Bank Group


SME Productivity Survey


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